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Re: Quasado (developer of StageStack, a FreeHand replacement) considerin

From: William F. Adams
Subject: Re: Quasado (developer of StageStack, a FreeHand replacement) considering opensource
Date: Fri, 7 Jun 2013 07:28:31 -0700 (PDT)
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I was asked via e-mail, why not


 - The interface is Byzantine and awful compared to FreeHand.
 - It's limited to what SVG allows, as opposed to empowered by having
Display PostScript for imaging as Altsys Virtuoso did
 - It's not written in Cocoa, so no Services support in Mac OS X.
 - lack of inspector palettes makes the interface less efficient

&c. while I can muddle through using pretty much any vector tool (like
the guy in Japan who draws images using the drawing tools in Excel),
no other tools is as optimal or elegant or efficient or productive or
profitable as FreeHand or Altsys Virtuoso for me.

I kicked in money to Quasado and tried to help back when GYVE was
still promising --- where do I contribute for a GNUstep vector editor?
My coding skills top out at:

(Mac OS X)

(using Runtime Revolution, a HyperCard clone to code up an interface

But I've been reading through the code for xasy (Python front-end for
Asymptote) and have downloaded the code for METAGRAF and Cenon in the
past --- I made suggestions re: the Cenon interface previously, but
never got a dialog started.

I really do appreciate your work on GraphOS and am currently working
on a paper for TUGboat which will hopefully be of interest to you as
regards features and interface.


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