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Re: Savannah vs. Gitlab

From: Svetlana A. Tkachenko
Subject: Re: Savannah vs. Gitlab
Date: Wed, 09 Dec 2015 04:25:48 +1100

Dear Luboš,

> Respecting all of hist great work, RMS is an extremist. I wonder how
> he's going to function in the world of 3D printers. Is he not going to
> buy a toothbrush, to which there is no open source physible?

At some point, yes.

> In my view, due to the decentralized nature of Git, using GitHub does
> not restrict anyone's freedom.

This is wrong. GitHub users run proprietary frontend scripts on their
computers. This is not ethical.

> Not pull requests, no issue tracking, no code review.

The main advantage of GitHub is search-ability of the repository by
potential new contributors and a mirror already does this task. Even
though it looks pretty in my view the "code review" is an unimportant
feature and it does not have to be on a web page. This is the sort of
thing I do by e-mail for other projects.

Continuing to mention GitHub in this thread is a waste of time. If
needed, there has to be a separate conversation about writing a sync
script of "something" with GitHub after the "something" is decided (be
it leaving things as is or moving to savannah+git, if needed). Possibly
leave it as git + savannah since a GitHub mirror and proper
communication with the GNU team at Savannah already solves some of the
original problems.

Hope this helps - this is a rather lengthy discussion and I have a
couple stuck questions I sent to the list earlier this week :)

Svetlana A. Tkachenko
Member of the Free Software Foundation
www.fsf.org  www.gnu.org www.freenode.net

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