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Re: Install GNUstep on a fresh Debian Jessie (S1-E2)

From: Richard Frith-Macdonald
Subject: Re: Install GNUstep on a fresh Debian Jessie (S1-E2)
Date: Mon, 29 Feb 2016 10:50:57 +0000

When installing from source on a system where you had installed packages, 
there's obviously huge scope for different things conflicting.

But, since say you configured and installed gnustep-make and set your .bashrc 
to source it, you should at least be getting the environment settings you need 
whenever you start a new window (assuming that bash is running in it).

I don't recall whether installing gnustep-make should create ~/GNUstep ... it's 
not needed until something has to be stored there, so it may be normal for it 
to not yet exist.

I am more concerned that the configure from gnustep-base said you don't have 
gnustep-make installed ... it has two ways of locating things so really *ought* 
to be able to find it.
The first is the GNUSTEP_MAKEFILES environment variable ... if it can't find 
that then it sounds like;
you used an old window from before installing gnustep-make
or your .bashrc has not been executed
or your .bashrc is exiting before it gets round to sourcing GNUstep.sh
or there's a typo in the command (or error in the path specified) in .bashrc

As a fallback when the environment variable is not set, the configure script 
tries to run the gnustep-config script, which it should find in your path ... 
and as long as the new source-installed gnustep-make is earlier in your path 
than any installed by the system packages, it should find the correct script, 
and that should allow it to set the GNUSTEP_MAKEFILES variable.

So first, I'd check the environment variable to see if it points to the 
directory where the gnustep makefiles are installed.

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