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Re: [Dolibarr-dev] multifix patch

From: Ditto Dito
Subject: Re: [Dolibarr-dev] multifix patch
Date: Thu, 19 May 2011 17:06:57 +0200

It seems that the multiprix changes have not found your approval as well.

Not asking you to justify your decision (I don't have the problem anymore), but just to understand if there is something about to come that fixes the issues on another scale. Just curious ...


On 18 mai 2011, at 19:24, Laurent Destailleur (eldy) wrote:

I added the following things from patch:
* Small bugs.
* Add label on auto stock movement
* Add pmp price of product in stock card

But i did not add code that change the way pmp of product or warehouse are calculated because this does not reflect the definition of PMP and it must be calculated only on stock entry. If no entry was done, PMP must still be 0.

Le 09/05/2011 07:46, Ditto Dito a écrit :
Here is a patch against Dolibarr 3.0 which fixes (imho) a couple of things, namely

- multiprix : There were several places in db which used product.price, although multiple prices were active.

- multiprix : The multi price system overwrote product.price at each change. I have fixed this by only updating product.price when pricelevel is 0 or 1.

- pmp : This famous "prix moyen pondéré"  was only calculated on stock movement from an incoming invoice, which renders it useless for manufacturers. I have added an input field to the product price tab.

- pmp : Is used to calculate stock values. I have added some if()s to use product.pmp if no warehouse.pmp is available

- pmp : I am regarding pmp as cost value, and I have added some information, namely profit margins and markup, on the product price tab between pmp and price level 1 and price level 2. I agree that this is a somewhat specific change, but Dolibarr lacks  statistics crudely.

- stock movement : Is generated, in my case, at the invoice validation, and I am setting the invoice number as reference in the movement label (libellé). There has been a discussion regarding this on the forum

- Some other small changes, mostly cosmetic.

#	modified:   cashdesk/facturation_verif.php
#	modified:   cashdesk/tpl/liste_articles.tpl.php
#	modified:   compta/facture/class/facture.class.php
#	modified:   core/class/html.formfile.class.php
#	modified:   langs/fr_FR/products.lang
#	modified:   lib/agenda.lib.php
#	modified:   product/class/product.class.php
#	modified:   product/liste.php
#	modified:   product/price.php
#	modified:   product/stock/class/entrepot.class.php
#	modified:   product/stock/class/mouvementstock.class.php
#	modified:   product/stock/fiche.php
#	modified:   product/stock/product.php
#	modified:   product/stock/valo.php
#	modified:   societe/societe.php

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