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[Dolibarr-dev] multifix patch

From: Ditto Dito
Subject: [Dolibarr-dev] multifix patch
Date: Mon, 9 May 2011 07:46:05 +0200

Here is a patch against Dolibarr 3.0 which fixes (imho) a couple of things, 

- multiprix : There were several places in db which used product.price, 
although multiple prices were active.

- multiprix : The multi price system overwrote product.price at each change. I 
have fixed this by only updating product.price when pricelevel is 0 or 1.

- pmp : This famous "prix moyen pondéré"  was only calculated on stock movement 
from an incoming invoice, which renders it useless for manufacturers. I have 
added an input field to the product price tab.

- pmp : Is used to calculate stock values. I have added some if()s to use 
product.pmp if no warehouse.pmp is available

- pmp : I am regarding pmp as cost value, and I have added some information, 
namely profit margins and markup, on the product price tab between pmp and 
price level 1 and price level 2. I agree that this is a somewhat specific 
change, but Dolibarr lacks  statistics crudely.

- stock movement : Is generated, in my case, at the invoice validation, and I 
am setting the invoice number as reference in the movement label (libellé). 
There has been a discussion regarding this on the forum

- Some other small changes, mostly cosmetic.

#       modified:   cashdesk/facturation_verif.php
#       modified:   cashdesk/tpl/liste_articles.tpl.php
#       modified:   compta/facture/class/facture.class.php
#       modified:   core/class/html.formfile.class.php
#       modified:   langs/fr_FR/products.lang
#       modified:   lib/agenda.lib.php
#       modified:   product/class/product.class.php
#       modified:   product/liste.php
#       modified:   product/price.php
#       modified:   product/stock/class/entrepot.class.php
#       modified:   product/stock/class/mouvementstock.class.php
#       modified:   product/stock/fiche.php
#       modified:   product/stock/product.php
#       modified:   product/stock/valo.php
#       modified:   societe/societe.php

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