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Re: [Dolibarr-dev] TVA Regression ?

From: Laurent Destailleur (eldy)
Subject: Re: [Dolibarr-dev] TVA Regression ?
Date: Wed, 10 Jul 2013 16:26:13 +0200
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Le 10/07/2013 14:14, Maxime Kohlhaas a écrit :
Hi all

I just saw this now, I remember that if a thirdparty is not subject to VAT, when you add a line into a proposal, order or invoice, the VAT was automatically set to 0.
I just tested on 3.3.2, 3.3.3 and 3.4, the VAT is taken from the product even if tva_assuj = 0.

This look correct to me.
VAT will be zero if SELLER is not using vat. But vat rate does not depends on buyer.

Is this regression ?


Maxime Kohlhaas
Consultant associé
ATM Consulting
+33 6 33 42 92 43

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