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Re: [Dolibarr-dev] NPR VAT

From: Doursenaud , Raphaël
Subject: Re: [Dolibarr-dev] NPR VAT
Date: Wed, 4 Sep 2013 09:50:25 +0200

2013/9/4 Sébastien <address@hidden>
Reply to Raphël :

I looked at your fournisseur.product.class.php.patch and the changes suggested here were not in your pull request
Yes i have added some fix (for example when you edit reseller price, the tva input field is always empty, it is not a npr vat problem only)

In my tree I have a bunch of references to recuperableonly all over the place.
Yes, this references aren't about "product_fournisseur_price"
This field is in table llx_c_tva, llx_product and llx_product_price

what is the purpose ? remove all recuperableonly fields and references ?

I'm also suprprised to see a database field renaming without the proper code into the sql migration script in the install directory.
In fact, in my pull request, they are to commit about this field :
commit be8a95a add recuperableonly field to product_fournisseur_price table
commit 5921033 rename recuperableonly field to info_bits
They are just a new field "info_bits"

I better understand what you're trying to achieve here. I was just looking into it (too) quickly…

Now, I wonder what are these recuperableonly fields…

IMHO, the feature should be fixed in the 3.4 tree since it's already there but not working properly. This is a bugfix.

Anyway, thanks for looking into it.

Raphaël Doursenaud
05 35 53 97 13 - 06 68 48 20 10
Technopole Hélioparc
2 avenue du Président Pierre Angot
64053 PAU CEDEX 9
SARL au capital de 7 500 € - R.C.S. PAU 528 995 921

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