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Re: [Dolibarr-dev] Dolibarr 3.6 freeze

From: Destailleur Laurent
Subject: Re: [Dolibarr-dev] Dolibarr 3.6 freeze
Date: Wed, 14 May 2014 13:26:59 +0200

Some will be included into dev once branch will be available (so for 3.7), but is is few of them.
Mot of them (like very old one, not possible to merge anymore or like the other one where answer from submitter was never received) will just be completely abandonned.

2014-05-14 12:38 GMT+02:00 Marcos García <address@hidden>:
Hi Laurent:

What about the pending PR? Are they going to be delayed till 3.7?

Marcos García

2014-05-14 12:35 GMT+02:00 Destailleur Laurent <address@hidden>:

We are 2 weeks late but I finally set the tag to freeze the dolibarr 3.6 version.
The tag is "3.6.beta1_20141514"

- All github PR that contains no risks/no doubt were introduced into this version.

- The new module resource was introduce but with status development. Also, only part to declare, update, delete and list resources are included. Code using hooks were commented because code into core should not use hooks. This means this modules is currently useless, but it is a fist step to manage rooms with agenda module. For jfefe, just contact me for question on how to restore code disabled.

As usual, i did not create the branch the first day. For the moment, i just ask you to avoid submitting any patch that introduce new features but only bug fixes (such patch may be delayed and when patch are delayed for a too long time, there are finnaly discarded, so please just wait).

Please, everybody, start to make some test of the 3.6 version from the tag "3.6.beta1_20141514".
Once major feedbacks will be received i will create branch to reopen major changes into develop and allow bug fixing of beta version.


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