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[Dolibarr-dev] Planning to manage stock shelves and bins

From: Hubert Andriolo
Subject: [Dolibarr-dev] Planning to manage stock shelves and bins
Date: Sun, 30 Nov 2014 18:32:09 +0100

Hello dev's team, 

Just a message to inform you we are trying, for the end of this year with Francis Appels and its geat Mobilid, to make Dolibarr (and Mobilid) able to manage shelves and "bins" in the stock.

The idea is : to register current (existing) product's stock with  
BARCODES + BATCH NUMBERS + LIMIT DATES (for utilization)  + POSITION IN STOCK (shelve/bin) of the current stock into a Dolibarr system (because batch module isn't able to modifycurrent stock of products)

Dolibarr system provided with the 2 new tables for registering the shelfs.
We could work like this:
  1. Prepare your shelfs with shelf codes, use codes which are related to your physical shelfs, for example A1-5, A is row of shelf-units, 1 is shelf-unit and 5 is shelf in unit. Print barcodes of the shelf codes and stick them on your shelfs.
  2. Prepare your 2nd Dolibarr environment with products from production environment imported, needed for migration afterwards.
  3. Provide with the new tables and mobilid connector. (I will provide a special mobilid connector which will install the bin tables automatically)
  4. Install the latest Mobilid beta version.
  5. I will provide 3 license QR codes you will have to scan with mobilid to enable your custom module.
  6. Start registering
    1. Tap your module.
    2. You will see a list of products, you can filter on not registered (no batch or shelf) and/or registered(batch and shelf).
    3. Search and select product or scan product barcode.
    4. Your registration form will be opened.
    5. Scan or enter shelf code, new shelf will be automatically added (if you prefer, we can first upload all shelfs so you can select shelf from a list).
    6. Scan or enter product barcode (skipped if barcode already registered)
    7. Scan each article or enter Qty.
    8. Scan or enter batch code.
    9. Enter expire date using date picker (see prospect module).
    10. Confirm and restart at 3.
  7. I will add shelfs in standard Mobilid inventory and picking, and will develop the new supplier receiving module, so shelf qty's can be kept up to date.
  8. Migration of product_stock, product_batch, product_bin and entrepot_bin tables to production environment.
  9. Find a volunteer to add the shelf management into Dolibarr core. 
I wanted to know who could be the volunteer to add the shelf management into the core ?
2 tables and a simple UI to check what is in the shelves and bins...

and to if know if it's an interesting new feature for developpers and also your customers/users...

Hubert (aka HubZ or BebZ)

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