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[Auth]Re: [Arch]Freedom and (vs?) convenience

From: Scott
Subject: [Auth]Re: [Arch]Freedom and (vs?) convenience
Date: Sat, 14 Jul 2001 11:30:58 -0700
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Norbert Bollow wrote:

However, emulation for Microsoft's bytecode will be available
in the DotGNU Secure Execution Environment, so that .NET
programs can also be executed on the DotGNU platform.

I think a BIG question is will a Hailstorm ASP running applications built by MS be ABLE to ask DotGNU for auth instead of Passport? Will the provider need to point to a different server or will it be the client that determines where to look for the 'passport'? I can see a passport url being hardcoded into closed programs which would undermine the ability to use a different server even though the published standard may allow for other servers. There was an article recently (mentioned on about being denied support services for developers documents and MSN support for hotmail accounts(or something of that nature) unless they had a passport account, would MSN allow their customers a choice of passport or dotgnu? I don't see it as likely, what about other ASP's? And if MS is the provider of most initial applications, this may end up locking dotgnu out much of the time.

Also, in not reading MS documents in order to avoid legal problems, (as what sort of reading is available in order to understand the framework, is there more to it than the documents that have been submitted for approval as a standard? Got a link for that?

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