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[Auth]PKI ecosystem

From: Kent Nguyen
Subject: [Auth]PKI ecosystem
Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2001 05:03:35 +0000

Previously I talked about commerce Internet comparing two ecosystems:  PKI 
and Hailstorm.  

There are a number of people who email me in private to ask me to go into 
details of the PKI ecosystem.  Here it is:

This paper requires some background knowledge in asymmetric encryption and 
XML-RPC.  Beyond that, I think it's pretty much self-explanatory.

The work is unfinish but you get a taste of what will be coming.  I finish up 
conceptualizing B2C security.  And will be working conceptualizing B2B 
security as well as detailing what technologies available that will help us 
achieve this security ecosystem.

Another thing I'm doing is writing the specification for GXMP (General XML 
Messaging Protocol).  I want GXMP to be simple yet effective.  I only add 
features that I think make sense, not more, not less.  For example, I add 
routing, publicKey, sessionID, and checksum.  Those are the only ones I 
think are necessary.  

Furthermore if I have time, I will CXM (Commerce XML Message) specification.  
CXM is an extension to GXMP.  It will detail what the <body></body> of a GXM 
(General XML Message) looks like.

I know I left out a lot of details in the pki ecosystem.  It will take a book 
to go through all the senerios customers and servcie providers will go 

Feedbacks, like always, are welcome.


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