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Re: [Auth]Authorization Certificates

From: Adam Theo
Subject: Re: [Auth]Authorization Certificates
Date: Mon, 16 Jul 2001 20:09:42 -0400

yes, i believe that PKI is the solution to server authorization.

the problem right now seems to be "how does anyone know the server they
are communicating with can be trusted?".

the solution, i believe, firmly rests in PKI. PKI is Public Key
Infrastructure, for those who don't know, and it is outlined:

* everyone has a certificate, or maybe multiple ones (don't see why, but
it's possible).
* each certificate/user is 'certified' by someone else. it can be a
friend, bank, family member, etc. anyone.
* when you go to deal with this person, you may not know them, but the
trick is to find a "link" with people who you trust, and who also trust
this other person.
* this can all be handled automatically, so to be virtually seamless to
you and everyone else.

take the above, but instead of end users, have them as servers. servers
have certificates, and these certificates are trusted by banks, other
servers, other organizations, etc. and when other servers or users deal
with these certified servers, they find 'links of trust' from people
they trust to these servers.

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