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Re: [Auth]Authorization Certificates

From: Adam Theo
Subject: Re: [Auth]Authorization Certificates
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2001 23:28:20 -0400

"Vinko Vrsalovic B." wrote:
> Can the links be identified?
> Can you tell the user that the place is where he is trying to obtain
> X is trusted by A, B and not D?
> And can you tell the server that the user X is trusted
> by servers A, B and not D?
> I think that if PKI is going to be the one, you must tell
> people who trust who, so they can make choices based on that.

hi, all. I have recently published a draft of what i had in mind for
'Trust'. it is designed with Jabber Identity in mind ( ), but you can easily port it over to
another system.

it explains 'links' or 'lines' of trust, and how they can be used.

by the way, Kent Gnuyen also of this list has been working on a similar
concept, which he calls "The Web of Trust".

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