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Re: [Auth]A Possible Solution

From: Jeremy Petzold
Subject: Re: [Auth]A Possible Solution
Date: 16 Jul 2001 19:53:41 -0700

you just don't stop, do you. :-)

persistence makes great men.
On Mon, 16 July 2001, Adam Theo wrote:

> ok, the old thread of similar subject is being moved fuilly over to the
> main developers list, but i'd like to continue it, specific to auth.
> i have a couple of ideas that had been generated for the Jabber Identity
> project, and would be more than willing to share them and discuss them
> here.
> the jabber identity project, by the way, is aiming to create a fully
> functional, 100% open, flexible, powerful and secure system for internet
> identification and authorization. it will use the jabber open source
> communication system ( ), so may not be totally relevant
> at this time (but i am trying to get DotGNU to use jabber in some way,
> hence why i'm moving the previous thread to the developers list).
> there are two plans which do not rely on the jabber system at all, which
> were brought up and are being discussed. they are called the Simple Plan
> and the Ticket Plan. they can both be found at
> i also encourage everyone to sign up for the Jabber Identity mailing
> list, which you can find info about at the above site. it will be
> discussing these plans, and while most of it will be jabber-related, i'm
> sure you can get many ideas which can be easily ported out of jabber and
> into DotGNU.
> so, everyone, please take alook at the two above plans, and see if there
> is anything there that you think you can use. both are 'down and dirty'
> quick fixes, and can easily be used by DotGNU here.
> and keep in mind, when it comes to authentication, PKI certificates are
> the way to go!  :-)
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