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Re: [Auth]Simplest design 1 last time (I promise :-)

From: Adam Theo
Subject: Re: [Auth]Simplest design 1 last time (I promise :-)
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2001 03:00:26 -0400

Ron Burk wrote:
> Also, I would like to reiterate that the key to getting clients
> to use *any* form or version of dotGNU is to make it dead
> easy for web page flunkies to adopt it with the absolute
> smallest amount of work. The dotGNU project has no
> levers for directly picking up a few million clients at a time
> (unlike Microsoft). You do, however, have a reasonable
> shot at enlisting web page flunkies. If you get lots of web
> sites offering dotGNU support, you have a good shot
> at getting the clients. There are also opportunities for
> giving web page sites branding/customization options
> with a plugin, which greatly increases their incentive
> to ask their own customers to use it.
> I have no great fondness for plugins (and I can happily
> agree that they should not be required for the more
> complex features that dotGNU will eventually support).
> But I have not seen any other design mentioned that
> I believe has the same shot at quick market penetration.
> I have 5 web servers running a few feet away,
> both Windows and Linux-based and *none* of them are
> LAMP. Handing me PHP code is a waste of both my
> time and yours if you're trying to sign me up for your
> system. I would not support anybody's single logon system
> on my computers unless it was just a matter of tweaking
> some data files associated with URLs. Assuming that
> the world is LAMP seems ironically equivalent to
> Microsoft's assumption that the world is IIS and Windows.
> There are a whooooole lot of IIS systems out there,
> and a lot of web page designers who can't install
> software or write code.

yes, i now agree with you, mr burke. i do not have a fondness for
plug-ins, but we do need a quick and dirty solution we can do now, and
that requires minimal work for web authors *and* end users.

i do not know C, or JavaScript, just Perl and XML, so i know i won't be
able to help in the coding. but i'll give it a bit of sideline moral
support  :-)

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