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RE: [Auth]Simplest design 1 last time (I promise :-)

From: Nick Lothian
Subject: RE: [Auth]Simplest design 1 last time (I promise :-)
Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2001 09:16:06 +0930

> Also, I would like to reiterate that the key to getting clients
> to use *any* form or version of dotGNU is to make it dead
> easy for web page flunkies to adopt it with the absolute
> smallest amount of work. The dotGNU project has no
> levers for directly picking up a few million clients at a time
> (unlike Microsoft). You do, however, have a reasonable
> shot at enlisting web page flunkies. If you get lots of web
> sites offering dotGNU support, you have a good shot
> at getting the clients. There are also opportunities for
> giving web page sites branding/customization options
> with a plugin, which greatly increases their incentive
> to ask their own customers to use it.

Just to prove the point that a server-side solution can be implemented with
no programming at all by the webmaster, I've made a quick-and-dirty demo:

This allows people to log in using two different authentication servers. It
happens that all the pages are on the same machine, but this doesn't need to
be the case at all - the two authentication pages could be on different
machines, and the html pages would normally be on a third machine.

The webmaster would register the urls of the pages they want to protect via
a web-page GUI, and recieve back a key. When the person logs in, the
login-form passes the key to the authentication server, and then the user is
redirected to that page if they successfully logged in.

There is NO coding needed by the webmaster - just HTML, and the tinyest bit
of Javascript (onClick="document.form1.action=document.form1.url.value;" )


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