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Re: [Auth]Authorization Certificates

From: David Sugar
Subject: Re: [Auth]Authorization Certificates
Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2001 09:10:53 -0400
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This is interesting to know. I also liked the WoT model and certainly would like to understand more completely why it would not work well for us as well.


Adam Theo wrote:

Werner Koch wrote:

On Thu, 19 Jul 2001 03:32:45 -0400, Adam Theo said:

I can understand your belief that a WoT can only work with individuals
with similar interests and community, but I must suggest this is not
neccisarily the case, if done intelligently.

Even Ueli Maurer's WoT model has some flaws.  And it is unfeasonable
in terms of needed computional power.

Raph Levien's trust metrics still won't work in a large scale

hm, i'm *very* interested in all of this, could you point me to some
resources? preferrably on the web.

thank you. if what you say is true, then i will look into alternatives.
i've just got to satisfy my own curiosities.
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