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[Auth]OT: web service standard test suite released

From: david nicol
Subject: [Auth]OT: web service standard test suite released
Date: 10 Dec 2003 21:38:59 -0600

copied and pasted from w/in e-trade:

WS-I Delivers Sample Applications for Basic Profile; Sample Applications
Provide Real-World Business Requirements to Web Services 

December 10, 2003 09:07:00 (ET)

PHILADELPHIA, Dec 10, 2003 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- The Web Services
Interoperability Organization ("WS-I") today announced the general
availability of the WS-I Sample Application 1.0. This important
deliverable consists of the WS-I Supply Chain Management Use Cases 1.0,
the WS-I Usage Scenarios 1.0, the WS-I Supply Chain Management Technical
Architecture 1.0 and Sample Application 1.0 implementations developed by
10 vendor companies. These documents and implementations model a
simplified supply chain management scenario and demonstrate the features
in the recently released WS-I Basic Profile 1.0. The availability of
this material was announced today at the XML Conference & Exposition
2003 taking place this week in Philadelphia. 

"The availability of the WS-I Sample Application 1.0 deliverables help
define best practices for using the Basic Profile 1.0, and provide the
real-world implementation guidance and support necessary for customers
deploying Web services," said Sinisa Zimek, chairman of the Sample
Applications Working Group. "We believe that the WS-I Sample Application
1.0 is an important catalyst in the WS-I effort to create industry-level
Web services profiles and tools." 

The WS-I Sample Application 1.0 provides a configurable collection of
Web services which exercise the WS-I Basic Profile 1.0 using a supply
chain scenario that models the interactions between multiple retail
storefronts, warehouses and manufacturers. Implementations of the Sample
Application have been delivered by BEA Systems (BEAS, Trade), Bowstreet,
Corillian, IBM (IBM, Trade), Microsoft (MSFT, Trade), Novell (NOVL,
Trade), Oracle (ORCL, Trade), Quovadx (QVDX, Trade), SAP (SAP, Trade)
and Sun Microsystems (SUNW, Trade). WS-I will be demonstrating these
implementations at an interoperability showcase this week at the XML
Conference & Exposition 2003. 

The Sample Application Technical Architecture 1.0 details a common
design and implementation of the supply chain management application.
One of the goals of the WS-I Sample Application 1.0 is to exploit as
many of the aspects of the Basic Profile 1.0 as possible. To this end,
the Sample Application Technical Architecture implements several
schema-naming conventions, SOAP message formats, SOAP message styles,
and WSDL design practices that all conform to the Basic Profile. 

The Sample Application Usage Scenarios 1.0 translate Use Cases into a
set of technical requirements, defining general messaging patterns for
Web services in structured interactions, identifying basic
interoperability requirements for such interactions and mapping the flow
of a scenario to the requirements of the Basic Profile 1.0. 

About WS-I 

WS-I is an open industry organization committed to promoting consistent
and reliable interoperability among Web services across platforms,
applications and programming languages. The organization unites a
diverse community of Web services companies by providing guidance,
recommended practices and supporting resources for developing
interoperable Web services. Since its formation in February 2002, more
than 170 companies have joined WS-I. For a complete listing of member
companies, please visit Companies that are
interested in joining WS-I can obtain a membership kit at 

SOURCE: The Web Services Interoperability Organization 

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david nicol
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