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Re: [DotGNU]distributed fs

From: steehf
Subject: Re: [DotGNU]distributed fs
Date: Sun, 5 Aug 2001 16:26:14 +0200

ok. so at the moment its about transaction logging/journaling.
but what about managing ressources the same way - in a true fs-manner..
uhm...say e.g. to let the servers know if certain information stored
client-side (like the PIB or something) is available now.
if we'll have to store more than just login information client-side we should 
think about how to share & manage those. ( we have to?)
because recently i thought (crazy? no i'm simply not sure wheter we can benifit 
from it...) that some users computer might be equal an inode being part of a 
big dotgnu distributed fs.
in that case it would be interesting to have a look at some fs's from the 
design-point-of-view and maybe apply some of the features to dotgnu.'s the same. its about managing clusters of information.
just a thought.

best regards,


On Sun, 5 Aug 2001 10:24:49 +1000
address@hidden (Myrddian) wrote:

> Oh Oh, somebody has come in and read the previous DRAFT's 
> EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!!! YES
> Ok..... the idea is quite simple. IT's a solution for a handling missing 
> transactions over a network.
> Put it this way if Server A want to Contact Server B they are doing an 
> transaction, for some odd reason
> Server A and B cannot communicate with each other anymore.
> How can you deal with the issues of Dropped transactions? Remember these are 
> critical.
> Simple (well in theory) Make the transaction atomic, and repeatable.
> Welll in theory you have the Server-Server communication this is what it's 
> based on.
> So each Server keeps a log, I use the example of JFS because it's where it's 
> based of.
> Each server has a log/journal of transactions. If a transaction is fulfilled 
> it's flushed of, however
> if it's not it's marked as active and retried until it's fulfilled.
> The idea behind this was a Client Connects to Server A, in which case server 
> a proxies for it to Server B.
> However I think having the client have this is important, if we are going for 
> peer-peer model.
> If you have any specific Questions regardingg this please visit the IRC 
> channel (hopefully I should be there
> ) or mail on the mailing list. 
> Thanks
> > when i read myrddian's draft "some ideas" and he starts pointing out 
> > similarities to (journaling) filesystems a question raised:
> > do we have any idea right now on how to update/synchronize logs and db's?
> > there has to be some client & server sided backend keeping the whole
> > framework of dotgnu servers up-to-date about current transactions etc.
> > to such a backend also fs-specific concepts could be applied.
> > sounds interesting if we can think of a distributed fs.
> > please just let me know whether i've missed some previous discussion's 
> > point i've never read! :)
> > 
> > best regards,
> > stefan
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