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Re: [DotGNU]distributed fs

From: Myrddian
Subject: Re: [DotGNU]distributed fs
Date: Sun, 5 Aug 2001 10:24:49 +1000
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Oh Oh, somebody has come in and read the previous DRAFT's EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!!! 

Ok..... the idea is quite simple. IT's a solution for a handling missing 
transactions over a network.

Put it this way if Server A want to Contact Server B they are doing an 
transaction, for some odd reason
Server A and B cannot communicate with each other anymore.

How can you deal with the issues of Dropped transactions? Remember these are 

Simple (well in theory) Make the transaction atomic, and repeatable.

Welll in theory you have the Server-Server communication this is what it's 
based on.

So each Server keeps a log, I use the example of JFS because it's where it's 
based of.

Each server has a log/journal of transactions. If a transaction is fulfilled 
it's flushed of, however
if it's not it's marked as active and retried until it's fulfilled.

The idea behind this was a Client Connects to Server A, in which case server a 
proxies for it to Server B.

However I think having the client have this is important, if we are going for 
peer-peer model.

If you have any specific Questions regardingg this please visit the IRC channel 
(hopefully I should be there
) or mail on the mailing list. 


> when i read myrddian's draft "some ideas" and he starts pointing out 
> similarities to (journaling) filesystems a question raised:
> do we have any idea right now on how to update/synchronize logs and db's?
> there has to be some client & server sided backend keeping the whole
> framework of dotgnu servers up-to-date about current transactions etc.
> to such a backend also fs-specific concepts could be applied.
> sounds interesting if we can think of a distributed fs.
> please just let me know whether i've missed some previous discussion's point 
> i've never read! :)
> best regards,
> stefan

Myrddian <myrddian at>
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                                       Patricio Manns

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