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[DotGNU]New project proposal system

From: Barry Fitzgerald
Subject: [DotGNU]New project proposal system
Date: Thu, 09 Aug 2001 22:08:28 -0400


        The DotGNU steering committee is pleased to announce the introduction
of a formal package proposal system.  Throughout tonight, you will
notice that will be populated with
information about our new proposal system.  However, for now, here are
directions to get you started.  The proposal-template.txt file attached
to this e-mail contains the format that  proposals should take.  Simply
open this up in your favorite editor, and edit it.  'X' marks should
fill check box spaces, and the subject line should be of the following

[Type of Proposal-Proposal]<stage>proposal name

For example:

        [Project-Proposal]<Original>DotGNU Project-Proposal Structure.


        [Project-Proposal]<Final>DotGNU Project-Proposal Structure.

I've also included an example proposal document with this e-mail.

Keep checking the site for informaion, until then this should be enough
to start with.  Once you're done filling out the proposal template,
subscribe to address@hidden and send your completed template

--- PROPOSAL ---

* Subject Line: 

* This Proposal is For a New:

        [ ] DotGNU software development project   
                Project name:

                Packages in this project:

        [ ] Other
                List here:

* Essential Resources:

        [ ] Mailing lists
                Mailing list names:

                Mailing list descriptions:

        [ ] Website resources
        [ ] Savannah location and space
                Savannah username:

                Savannah Project Name:

        [ ] Other
                List here:

* Are you willing to lead this project?:        
        [ ] Yes
        [ ] No

* Description:

* Proposal Version (integer):

* Proposal Version date stamp:

* Proposal Maintainer name:

* Proposal Maintainer e-mail:

* Revisions:


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