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AW: [DotGNU]ANDF, TenDRA - Where is the current version?

From: Carsten Kuckuk
Subject: AW: [DotGNU]ANDF, TenDRA - Where is the current version?
Date: Wed, 15 Aug 2001 18:48:59 +0200

Hans-Olof Danielsson,

Is the standard you are reading, the document
"TDF specification, Issue 4.0, June 1995" or is it a more recent
document for the standard that i have missed?
If yes, which one and where to find it?

I just went to Google and Altavista, and looked for "TDF Specification". To
my surprise, they found HTML editions of the "TDF Specification, Issue 4.0,
January 1998", one of them for example at and another at

Strange, isn't it?!

Carsten Kuckuk

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