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Re: [DotGNU]ANDF, TenDRA - Where is the current version?

From: Hans-Olof Danielsson
Subject: Re: [DotGNU]ANDF, TenDRA - Where is the current version?
Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2001 23:36:21 +0200

"Carsten Kuckuk" <address@hidden> writes:

> Does anybody know who the current maintainer is

The following comment can be found at

Current DERA work on ANDF (Score:1)
by Rob Andrews on Thursday October 22, 1998 @07:34AM
(User Info)
A quick description of the current status of the TenDRA/ANDF
work within DERA.

The TenDRA Internet Release was based on the work of many
DERA staff past and present, plus others in SCO and the Open
Group. Currently DERA is providing a small amount of funding
for me to maintain this release and answer queries. I am able to
augment this with voluntary efforts from myself and colleagues in
DERA. The purpose for making TenDRA an Open Source
release was two-fold:

1) It is our belief that the Open Source model may become
a mainstream mechanism for maintaining software suitable
for mission-critical use.

2) The Open Source model was the best route we could think
of to publish our work on TenDRA/ANDF to gauge whether
there was a sustainable "demand" for such a technology in the
Open Source community. If there is such a demand then DERA
could well re-visit the amount of support it can sponsor for
this release.

A small clarification of Bruce's article is that not only have DERA
not patented any aspects of the technology, but we have actively
published those techniques which we feared that others might seek
to patent.

As a number of comments on this page have discussed you could
view this release as an answer in search of a problem. We would
be very happy for communities to develop around any particular
applications of the technology, and our Open Source license allows
those communities to take control of those aspects of the technology
which they require.

> and if
> anybody is still working on this technology at all?

DDC-I is using ANDF for a Ada 95 Compiler System

"Building a Better Bullet Train",
"Building Embedded Applications Using Multiple Languages"

"Proven SCORE IDE Integrates With Leading RTOS"


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