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Re: [DotGNU]A new battle front

From: Barry Fitzgerald
Subject: Re: [DotGNU]A new battle front
Date: Sun, 19 Aug 2001 11:57:34 -0700

At 11:07 AM 8/19/01 -0700, Bill Lance wrote:
> Absolutely Bill, this information is invaluable.
> Thank You.  I'm CC'ing
> this to coreteam because of the impact.
> Perhaps we need to start a campaign to turn this
> sites around on their
> decisions, and romance them to support DotGNU as
> well.
> Keep up the good work. :)
>          -Barry
>          -Barry

What I found rather curious was how FEW sites were
listed in that directory.  If this is any indication
of their success in getting sites signed up, they may
be running into a high level of resistance.

Anyhow, this all may be a very minor issue.  I'm
getting a hint of a far more serious problem with the
whole Passport scheme .. one that the DotGNU project
will have to address as well.

In the Korbin and Rubin paper, paragraph 4.1.5, the
matter of persistant cookies is mentioned.  The
Passport authintication cookies are left on the users
machine.  Put this together with the use of public
terminals, say at libraries, and you have a REAL GREAT
FEATURE!!  When a library patron uses their Passport
login at any site, the next and all following patrons
have complete access to the first users logins intill,
and if, the library staff scrubs the cookie file.
Isn't that WONDERFUL?

It would be even better if the MS Wallet service has
the same GREAT labor saving feature!

I'm going to do some further research and testing on
this one.  Will let you know the results.

[I think I'm begining to have some fun now  :)  ]

Heh, let us know what you find. I think we may be solving this with some of our current network services ideas - providing good functionality for remote services. If we can provide a better system than MS in this regard by deviating from some of their architecture, then we can probably beat them hands down.

Again, keep up the great work and have fun :)


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