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[DotGNU]Open Source ECMA CLI Library Project

From: Nanja, Murthi
Subject: [DotGNU]Open Source ECMA CLI Library Project
Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2001 16:55:40 -0700

This is a message to announce a newly created open source project called
Open CLI Libraries (OCL). The project has two basic principles (1) To
validate the technical merit of the ECMA CLI Library specifications (2) Help
build a platform to enable research in CLI Technology. The project is hosted
on SourceForge and has a URL of Intel
Labs has provided a 0.1.0 implementation of the ECMA Base Class Libraries.
There are also code stubs for the rest of the Kernel and Compact Profiles.
The code is free to download under the Intel Open Source License for OCL
(basically a BSD license with Expert Notice). For those of you familiar with
Intel's ORP (Open Research Platform), it is a similar license. 
Please feel free to download the code and check it out and also to join the
OCL mailing list. Please feel free to direct any questions you have to that
mailing list. 
Check out the readme for more information:
Murthi Nanja
e-Business Solutions Lab
Intel Corporation
The views and statements expressed here do not necessarily reflect those of
Intel Corporation, its subsidiaries or its employees. 

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