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[DotGNU]P2P IM services (was: IM Services)

From: Gopal.V
Subject: [DotGNU]P2P IM services (was: IM Services)
Date: Sat, 17 Nov 2001 05:53:10 +0530
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> Hmm... perhaps it's time for P2P in Jabber, and GNU could make a head 
> start by being the first to do this? There's nothing in the protocol 
> that prevents or hinders P2P, it's just a matter of programming hours to 
> impliment. Jabber+GNUtella, anyone?
        GNUtella + Jabber is a good combination. We have been taking a good
look at P2P platforms. We started at FreeNet and was discouraged by the
latency. We tried using jxta, but it segfaults with kaffe. We have yet 
to get it tested on Sun jvm. GNUtella is particluarly interesting due to 
it reliance on HTTP. Just like Jabber, Gnutella is also a protocol spec.

        To some people, using HTTP may seem like driving a dead horse forward,
but you only have to look at GNUtella clients to see why HTTP is so hot
in P2P. Almost all platforms have a webserver and an HTTP api. The HTTP
ensures reliable data transfer between the Gnutella nodes. And most 
languages have libraries for HTTP communication in an abstract mode.

        The peer discovery protocol in Gnutella is far better than in Freenet
since Gnutella is not anonymous. Once I get a peer host I can cache its IP
so that later connections are easier. I can even use a browser for downloading
from gnutella.Certain sites which have a gnutella search & download function 
using a browser only are fast becoming popular for users on the wrong side
of a firewall. (Use a free proxy so that you need only port 80 permissions ;-)

        Morover we can add SSL support to Gnutella's data transfer just like to 
any other webserver/browser pair. Morover gnutella queries can be relayed and
routed back. Gnutella also adds push requests which can also be relayed.

So in the end my question is.
        If we could use the JOSS, would we only need to write the gnutella t
ransport. ( Or do we need a full architectural modification ). 
Please answer . If the latter is the case, we may be better off starting 
from a clean sheet.

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