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[DotGNU]Re: [CoreTeam]Draft list of 20 DotGNU development projects

From: tony stanco
Subject: [DotGNU]Re: [CoreTeam]Draft list of 20 DotGNU development projects
Date: Mon, 19 Nov 2001 07:59:54 -0500

>> 1. As a general note, can we watch out for the impact of our technology
>> the disabled community?
>Sure... the most important area in this regard will be to desgin
>the SEE package in such a way that it will work well with
>assistive devices.  For working out the details, we'll need help
>from someone who has a good understanding of the needs of the
>various groups of disabled users.

Their Director of Technology Research and Development wants to help us and
will give us all the input we want. To facilitate that, each project should
have a Disability Impact Statement explaining how the project can or can't
help their community. This will help us sell to the government and also get
grant funding.

>> If we can keep an eye on their interests, it is the right thing to do and
>> will also help us to do well by doing good.
>Sounds like a good plan.
>> 2. Also, we should note in our planing of DotGNU that the Federal
>> is TOTALLY committed to XML for ALL its documents.
>Independant of these market reasons, there are also technical
>reasons for DotGNU to commit to using XML for all internal data
>storage.  These reasons are: 1. making it easier to ensure
>interoperability between components of DotGNU that are
>implemented in different programming languages, 2. ease of
>Greetings, Norbert.
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