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[DotGNU]Building Portable .NET under Cygwin

From: Ted Neward
Subject: [DotGNU]Building Portable .NET under Cygwin
Date: Tue, 12 Mar 2002 04:21:48 -0800

Has anyone had success building P.NET under Cygwin's latest set of tools? I
know already that I'm using automake 1.5, which appears to have some issues
there, but I'm curious to know if anybody's gotten it to work, and if so,

Right now I'm stuck in that automake/autoconf appear to either
(a) choke on the "missing" script, or
(b) generate a Makefile that yields a "missing separator" error

Can anybody help? I'm not on-list, so please reply directly.

Ted Neward
{.NET || Java} Course Author & Instructor, DevelopMentor

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