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Re: [DotGNU]pnetlib

From: Gopal.V
Subject: Re: [DotGNU]pnetlib
Date: Mon, 18 Mar 2002 00:08:02 +0530
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If memory serves me right, Gerard Toonstra wrote:
> Looks like you could use a hand with the pnetlib that is being
> developed, so I started on that today. I've submitted the first patch
> for that as well.
        First proof that the meet-a-thon was successful. Waiting for more
(/me marks a new notch on my box ;)

> Windows .NET (way too expensive), but I rely on my code insight and the
> syntax checker for the moment and have to test the functionality later.

        That's the idea in all. To get 75% of code right before the compiler

> very keen on getting this to improve my effectiveness for this lib,
> which would eventually help you guys out a lot. I'm starting to rev up
        Helping you help yourself is our job !. And I'll provide help and
will work on the runtime calls if you need them in short notice.

> done, but for the moment I've focused myself on the System/NET directory
> in order to get IPAddress, Sockets and WebRequests in, so that it would
> already start to look like a web-enabled thingy. Next to that, I

        yes, these classes are the easiest to start on -- just imagine
that Sockets work. Also ECMA spec is your best friend. I think we'll
publish a csdoc2html'd file and link it to the status page to ease up
your work. Also let me know when you finish each method. I'll mark it
on the status page (from now on).

        Rhys: anyway we can generate the status page from the sources ?

> recognised the engine may be lacking socket support, so maybe there's
> one thing that I could help out as well.

        Yes, we really need help with all those structs in sockets. But
IIRC, some one is working on the calls. Maybe you could team up after
the Web classes are done. (team work pays !).

> there's no other way to get from A to B other than step by step. 
        And you've taken the first step.
> If anyone is the owner of pnetlib and wishes to streamline development 
> with me, please contact me and let me know your thoughts...
        Rhys is the official admin /last word on Pnetlib. But I think
he'll be more than happy to have you work on it.

> Gerard Toonstra
> (Chiraz)
        Your work reminds me of Rhys's blitzkrieg 5000 line a week style.
Seems like Rhys has competition ?.

 The difference between insanity and genius is only measured by success

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