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Re: [DotGNU]4th/5th session summary

From: Gopal.V
Subject: Re: [DotGNU]4th/5th session summary
Date: Mon, 18 Mar 2002 21:19:35 +0530
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If memory serves me right, S11001001 wrote:
> Hello again, I missed session 4, but was there for session 5.

        Sorry, I thought you had sent it to me to put up on the website.
later I noticed the CC: (oops). Anyway the final logs are posted 
on .

But a few comments on the chat. Also considering the overwhelming response
I want a vote of how many people want to do a small meet-up every weekend.
I mean small in the number of hours -- not people. Just small talk about 
the whole stuff (10 AM GMT and 10 PM GMT ie 2 small 1/2 hour sessions 
weekly). -- I think this will mean Rhys will be awake at both times ;)

> <rhysw> fraggle: the emit code in pnetlib shouldn't be that hard, 
>         since the C level of pnet already does most of the hard work - 
>         no need to implement all that PE/COFF ickyness at the C# level.
        How is this Reflection.Emit done ?. I would like to take a *close*
look at it.

> <rhysw> nb: we need to identify what API's are used in .NET to call out 
>         to Passport, and then redirect those API's to our own auth 
>         facilities.  It should be transparent.

        System.Web.Security.PassportIdentity ?
> <shark> i know this is far fetched, but it would be cool if there was a 
>         "VisualStudio.GNU" or something - basically a GNU replacement for 
>         all the visual studio tools, which would be free and only support 
>         standards.  If we could provide that for free, we could get tons 
>         of people writing standards compliant code... ;)
> <bill_lance> ^Carebear Would it be fair to say that as a MS experienced 
>              developer, a IDE is you biggest missing requirement in the 
>              .gnu approach?
        What about the DotGNU DE ? (DGDE for short)

> <bill_lance> rhysw: we'de like to plugin Apache and PNet as soon 
>              as we have a working clutster protoype
> <dyfet> rhysw: has anyone talked about doing a mod_pnet for apache yet? :)

        Anyone want to try this ?. (I'm thinking of making my CGI Demo into a 
fullfledged mod_pnet). In the skunkworks already.

> <blazko> rhysw: big thanks. although i am asking stupid things here.
>          i will start right now and will be back after some experiences. 
>          although coming from the Perl/XML-XSLT/Object Pascal corner, 
>          perhaps i can help in the future when having gathered experience

        Any help would be more than welcome . Especially from an experienced

> <absurd> grr. the osX one isnt out yet

> <absurd> ill consider it. I DO want to help dotGNU

        I think absurd(hero)'s efforts to test it on Mac OS X went surprising
easy. Seems like Portable.NET *is* portable.

> <rhysw> the problem with monkeys is that banging on typewriters does 
>         not result in good code in a reasonable timeframe
        ;-). Maybe you could compile pnetlib after a million years.

> <fraggle> destroys entire armies with his coding kung-foo?

> <rhysw> programming with a soldering iron: 
>         1. don an asbestos glove. 
>         2. grip the soldering iron by the hot end.  
>         3. pound the keys on the keyboard using the plastic end.
        That's some *hot* advice 
 The difference between insanity and genius is only measured by success

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