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[DotGNU]What is the diff b/w pnetlib/System and pnetlib/runtime/System

From: Gopal.V
Subject: [DotGNU]What is the diff b/w pnetlib/System and pnetlib/runtime/System ?
Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2002 03:17:56 +0530
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Hi Rhys,

        Due to an overdose of caffeine and 8086 programming, I could
not sleep tonight . So I decided to get up and put Chiraz's patch
through the system.

        Typically I ran a `find | grep "IPAddress"` just for a check.
I was stunned when I saw the IPAddress class in the pnetlib/System/
Net directory.

        I could not understand why the classes were found at those two 
places. I assumed that all Runtime classes (ECMA spec) resided in
pnetlib/runtime/System directory.
        Since the submitters happen to be Stephen Compall and Peter Minten,
I would also like their comments on this location.

        With Gerard Toonstra (chiraz) having submitted the IPAddress class
as a Patch. I see this has caused a duplication of work already.

        I'm really sorry chiraz , your work seems to have gone to waste.
Or is there some [TODO] methods implemented ?. But I think I'll 
commit WebRequest.cs (which is still missing) after dos2unix'ing the
file .

        I think this problem of work duplication has to be solved soon or
it will cause lots of problems.

        If Rhys has no Objection, I'll maintain a list of Contributers
with their current works. I'll put up an XML changelog file which
will show each contributer and all the files. That will be put on
a contributer's page with a [tick] on each completed class. I'm
open to the format of the report.

I'll take up organising the works and dividing it up.

        as a start , I've dug up code from my Java era , an HTTP/1.0 
webserv in Java. I'm rereading it for HttpRequest & HttpResponse.


PS: It's actually nobody's fault that this happened ,
    this happened to be the wake up call for organizing this.

 The difference between insanity and genius is only measured by success

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