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Re: [DotGNU]What is the diff b/w pnetlib/System and pnetlib/runtime/Sys

From: Gerard Toonstra
Subject: Re: [DotGNU]What is the diff b/w pnetlib/System and pnetlib/runtime/System ?
Date: 19 Mar 2002 22:09:33 +0000

Easy people... no alarms!

I have been taking CVS snapshots from

I kept this up to date between edits.

I do not have any runtime/System/Net folder, just the System/Net folder.
in runtime/System therefore I could not find any Net objects

Therefore my efforts aren't wasted, luckily I'm always careful when
stepping into new things to see what is already there. I'm very sure
there's no duplication there.

Nevertheless, seeing System/Net in a separate place was some concern for
me, but I should have mentioned that earlier.

So, nothing gone to waste yet, and yes, IPAddress should have all
methods implemented now.

Other classes I worked on were Uri and UriBuilder. I saw quite a lot of
work was done on it already ,but the architecture was not entirely
correctly followed as specified by ECMA. The Uri class is the parser
class and the UriBuilder class is a helper class to build a Uri. In the
end it was easier to do parsing in Uri and to have UriBuilder be
something like a pre-state class when creating a new Uri. 

Nothing has been tested there yet, but the architecture should be clear
now, as only two methods lack true implementation of those two still.
Much of the class has been re-used, so also there there is no effort
being wasted :)

Your comments on effort-coordination are correct though. It'd be good to
have something in place where people can register temporary ownership or
something of the sort... you guys in FSD must have plenty of ideas for
this and experience in the case. I don't mind cooperating to those :)



On Tue, 2002-03-19 at 21:47, Gopal.V wrote:
> Hi Rhys,
>       Due to an overdose of caffeine and 8086 programming, I could
> not sleep tonight . So I decided to get up and put Chiraz's patch
> through the system.
>       Typically I ran a `find | grep "IPAddress"` just for a check.
> I was stunned when I saw the IPAddress class in the pnetlib/System/
> Net directory.
>       I could not understand why the classes were found at those two 
> places. I assumed that all Runtime classes (ECMA spec) resided in
> pnetlib/runtime/System directory.
>       Since the submitters happen to be Stephen Compall and Peter Minten,
> I would also like their comments on this location.
>       With Gerard Toonstra (chiraz) having submitted the IPAddress class
> as a Patch. I see this has caused a duplication of work already.
>       I'm really sorry chiraz , your work seems to have gone to waste.
> Or is there some [TODO] methods implemented ?. But I think I'll 
> commit WebRequest.cs (which is still missing) after dos2unix'ing the
> file .
>       I think this problem of work duplication has to be solved soon or
> it will cause lots of problems.
>       If Rhys has no Objection, I'll maintain a list of Contributers
> with their current works. I'll put up an XML changelog file which
> will show each contributer and all the files. That will be put on
> a contributer's page with a [tick] on each completed class. I'm
> open to the format of the report.
> I'll take up organising the works and dividing it up.
>       as a start , I've dug up code from my Java era , an HTTP/1.0 
> webserv in Java. I'm rereading it for HttpRequest & HttpResponse.
> Gopal.V
> PS: It's actually nobody's fault that this happened ,
>     this happened to be the wake up call for organizing this.

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