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From: Erik Rozendaal
Subject: [DotGNU]Introduction
Date: Tue, 26 Mar 2002 11:49:14 +0100 (CET)

Hi everyone,

After looking at DotGNU for a few weeks I'm interested in helping out.
My name is Erik Rozendaal and I'm an employee of NLnet Labs
(  NLnet Labs is a non-profit organization that
works on improving electronic communication by developing open source
or free software.  I will be able to work on a DotGNU related project
full-time for the next 6+ months but first need to develop a plan on
how I and NLnet Labs can best help out.

Because I can this much time I was looking for a project that is a 
bit more coherent than working on various pnetlib classes.  My main
interests are on compilers and the associated runtime systems, and
authentication and identity.  I also prefer to work in an incremental
fashion, taking relatively small pieces at a time and growing the 
software "organically".  My strongest skills are in programming (Ada,
C, Java, Haskell, etc...).  My main development platforms are FreeBSD 
and Linux.

Some projects I was thinking of:

 - A JIT.  Maybe based on GNU Lightning, maybe in co-operation with
   Mono, maybe something entirely new.  I believe no work is being
   done yet on a JIT?

 - An IL front-end to GCC just like there is a Java bytecode
   interface.  This could also serve as a (slow) JIT, especially if we
   cache the generated code.

 - The C# compiler.  If there is a good way I can work on this without
   stepping on everybody else's modifications.

 - The garbage collector.  But I think the current (conservative?) GC
   is probably good enough for some time to come.

 - Thread support.  Or is that already working?

 - The SEE or the VRS.  However, it is not clear to me yet if these
   are defined solidly enough to start programming on.

 - IDsec.  Not sure what needs to be done here at the moment.

 - Something else... 

So please let me know which of these projects is high priority and can
use help.

Erik Rozendaal

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