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Re: AW: [DotGNU] Introduction

From: S11001001
Subject: Re: AW: [DotGNU] Introduction
Date: Wed, 27 Mar 2002 17:19:33 -0600
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Rhys Weatherley wrote:
But we can also do the same in reverse.  Portable.NET
is installed as the primary binfmt handler with the kernel.
If it is given an IL binary, it processes it itself.  If it detects
a regular PE binary, it hands it off to Wine.  No modifications
are needed to Wine in this scenario.

There is currently some support for binfmt in ilrun, but it
isn't working for some reason.  Barry has been looking
into this, but we need a Linux kernel expert to help us
figure out why it doesn't work.

May I suggest having `seerun' as the target for the hook? This is futured to after SEE works, of course.

I've run DOOM more in the last few days than I have the last few
months.  I just love debugging ;-)
        -- Linus Torvalds

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