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[DotGNU]InternalCall or: how to call system libs

From: Timo --Blazko-- Boewing
Subject: [DotGNU]InternalCall or: how to call system libs
Date: 28 Mar 2002 21:44:57 +0100

Hello everyone,

i have read several documentations from the DotGNU project, but so far i
have no idea of how to call system libraries.
Supposed a library is equally available on all platforms (e.g. some GNU
tools/ports) supported by DotGNU (so, a ".dll" on Win32/64 and a ".so"
on UN*X :-)), can i do these native system calls directly from a C# lib
e.g. from System.x.y?

When reading the pnetlib sources, this list and the docs, i often get a
hint on InternalCall(), but from viewing the sources i cannot see how it
works, i.e. i see no params passed nor any library name, these lines
just look like source comments etc.

For example (well, no good one i have to admit...), i have GIMP running
a) on GNU/Linux and b) on Win32. How can i call its libs from within a
theoretical pnet library? And what with data type compat (mean C vs. C#
and platform-dependend differences).

Hope this question was not too silly... :-)

Thank you for any hints on documentation and especially example. See


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