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Re: [DotGNU]Where can I learn about DotGNU vs Mono

From: Eric Altendorf
Subject: Re: [DotGNU]Where can I learn about DotGNU vs Mono
Date: Thu, 4 Apr 2002 16:26:00 -0800

OK, I think I understand.  I didn't realize that Mono was limited to being a 
C# development setup.  C# is not what I'm interested in, actually.  As far as 
I'm concerned C# is just another language with some marginal technical 
benefits over Java, and some potentially major business implications...

I'm interested in the rest of the infrastructure... VRS distributed servers, 
web services, the authentication model, etc.  My background is not in system 
stuff (compilers, runtime environments, etc), but in web applications -- 
Perl/CGI back in the good ol' days, large J2EE systems more recently.  (You 
can see for yourself at  That being 
said, I'm not sure I'd have any skills terribly useful for contributing to a 
C# development toolkit.

Would anyone like to suggest a project for me to start focusing on?  I can't 
promise more than research and analysis at this point, though I'd like to 
find the time to actually do design and implementation.  Who knows.


On Thursday 04 April 2002 05:32, Gopal.V wrote:
> If memory serves me right, Eric Altendorf wrote:
> > my roommates decided it would be cool to not pay AT&T so our cable
> > modem was shut off yesterday. :-P
> LOL ! (My ISP has gone down today , seems like a DoS).
> > If I were to contribute, I'd want to better understand the differences
> > in philosophical motivations behind each project (to see which I believe
> IMHO our philosophical motivation is obvious --- to prevent a monopoly
> by Microsoft on the internet. I really don't understand Mono's philosophy
> to talk about it. (But Miguel's interview on MSDN proves one fact,
> Microsoft isn't afraid of Mono).
> > in), and the business/deployment plan and development progress of each
> See DotGNU BIZPLAN mailing list archives (/me has not looked into that, as
> I'm no business guy) -- But DotGNU is sponsored by FreeDevelopers.NET ,
> which *is* a business establishment.
> IIRC, Phpgroupware which is part of DotGNU's webservices is a very popular
> and well supported.
> > (to see which I think has the better chance of being a competitor to .NET
> > soon),
> Did you mean a C# development platform by the word ".NET" ?. We plan to
> compete on each & every level of .NET , starting from our foundation of
> GNU/Linux and going on the build the tools as well as the framework  --
> By the words framework , I mean the various services like "Passport",
> "MyServices".....
> The word "soon" takes a new color here -- we are going in for the whole
> deal . Obviously we will take more time at the current pace ,to replace
> .NET completely . But as far as the C# development platform is considered,
> I think the race is still not over by a long shot.
> > and the technical differences (to see which is focusing on the
> > kinds of work I might be interested in).  :-)
>       We have all sorts of work -- we're not just limited to C#.
> DotGNU is a very large project . Pnet is just what we have in
> common to Mono. What we do is "replace" .NET . One of our steps
> is "providing a free C# development environment" , it is a means
> and not an end (unlike Mono).
> Gopal.V

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