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From: Asif Ali
Subject: [DotGNU]GEASv2
Date: 25 Apr 2002 10:25:48 -0000

hello everyone,

been going through GNU EASv2 discussion forum logs and docs.. EASv1 used absolute technologies. The authors had highlighed the following goals

Must be GPL and built with truly free tools.
Allow methods (logic) to execute on appserver instead of on client and/or database.
Must be reasonably stable.
Must be reasonably secure.
Must be easily maintained.
Must be usable by business class users (not just programmers).
Must perform reasonably with large quantities of users and/or data.
Must be easy to configure and adaptable without downtime.
Communicate with an number of backend datastorage.
Must run on multiple OSes and Architectures.
Communitate via a multitude of different tranportaion methods.
Methods support a number of different languages. (lesser goal)

Agreeing to the above points..i feel the challenge is to support the two track approach and loosely coupled objects's performance tuning and transactions over distributed architectures.. hmm amostly i think we would need to rethink on the overall strategy of the App server..because the current appserver GEASv1 (GNU EAS) fits nowehere close to what we might require...nd unless goals arent well defined.. ..GEASv2 might also might turn out to be a disaster..
Your comments upon this please

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