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Re: Re: [DotGNU]GEASv2

From: David Sugar
Subject: Re: Re: [DotGNU]GEASv2
Date: Thu, 25 Apr 2002 08:53:37 -0400 (EDT)

"openly admitted making mistakes in GEASv1"

Well, I made mistakes in GNU Bayonne :).  I would far more worry about 
authors that believe they could do no wrong rather than those that can see 
and presumably learn from what they actually did.

Corba I think also would be a mistake.  However if they could build the 
server so that it can use a plugin/wrapper for RPC services then it may 
not be so bad, because one might then be able to select at compile (or 
runtime) which RPC mechanisms to support, and which not to, based on your 
target use.  To do that is not impossible, but requires thinking a lot
more about the internal organization and abstraction between what the
RPC expects and how the service calls are implimented.

Briding a Python app server to Java might be interesting and challenging.  
Could GEAS invoke something like a bean?  Perhaps, thru a bridge, much 
like how things like Tomcat invoke java runtime to provide services from 

On 25 Apr 2002, Asif Ali wrote:

> hello andrew,
> apologies for using "disaster" however i found that the GEASv2 has 
> to specifically address issues such as
> 1. Corba : whether we like it or not..absolute, not prefered 
> because of tough implementation.
> 2.Use of other RPCs for communication.
> 3.Support for both DotGNU based components (assemblies), 
> webservices and java based components for reusability of objects 
> at runtime.
> and a lot more generic issues..such as stability and 
> performance.
> one more thing that worried me was that the authors had openly 
> admitted making mistakes in GEASv1.
> Regards
> Asif
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