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[DotGNU]This week in DotGNU - May 18th 2002

From: Gopal V
Subject: [DotGNU]This week in DotGNU - May 18th 2002
Date: Sun, 19 May 2002 21:25:40 +0530
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This week in DotGNU - May 18th 2002
See for general information about DotGNU.

Table of Contents:

1. Portable.NET and HPUX
2. Request for System Logins
3. Revision 4 of the PHILOSOPHY file
4. Weekly Meet 
5. Portable.NET Update & Bugs fixed 
6. Portable.NET Library Tests

Weekly synopsis: 

        This week has been a dull week for the mailing lists with
discussion revolving round "Portablity" of pnet to HPUX . Also
the PHILOSOPHY file got to revision 4.

 1. Portable.NET and HPUX.
        The Portablity of pnet to HPUX comes up as James Mc Parlane 
puts it to the test.....and suceeds ... atleast partially . But
the compiler still needs some minor (hopefully) fixes to the alignment
issues ....

 2. Request for System Logins
        To aid debugging , Rhys has asked for System logins 
from people using various non-x86 platforms. The Portable.NET's design
and coding practices ensure that it remains portable , but certain issues
like pointer handling , word alignment etc .. need to be tested and debugged.
Willing parties are asked to provide SSH access and 100 Mb of hdd space 
as well as access to a GNU toolchain .

 3. Revision 4 of the PHILOSOPHY file
        Peter Minten has provided us with a very usable and prominent 
rationale on the project's aims as well as provide a clear cut description
of our project aims and motives in this work .... The latest revisions
are accredited to Stephen Compall about the copyright assignments... This
may appear on the website soon ..

  4. Weekly Meet
        This weeks meet actually never really happened ... excluding some 
discussions about cscc it was in general affected by Rhys's absence which
left me to answer rather than ask questions ....

 5. Portable.NET Update & Bugs fixed
        The runtime now uses a computed gotos to generate the jump offsets
at compile time instead of the switch. The method calls have been 
streamlined and made faster in general. The new ilrun now runs 25 % faster
than the old ilrun_opt . The compiler now supports the const local variables.
A lot of portability fixes for pnet thanks to James Mc Parlane and Glen
Chambers . Off the mailing list , mails have been flying around with bug 
reports for pnet and rhys is mostly at the recieving end.

 6. Portable.NET Library tests
        The pnetlib desperately needs tests for ECMA compliance . When the 
cscc starts compiling pnetlib , we will need the tests to make sure the 
compiler works fine. The pnetlib/docs/csunit_howto.html describes the
writing tests in detail. Also new tests can be sent along without diff'ing
to me and I'll put it in. (I know getting the diff is the tough part)

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