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[DotGNU]The DotGNU Project officially endorses the use of the Jabber Pro

From: Barry Fitzgerald
Subject: [DotGNU]The DotGNU Project officially endorses the use of the Jabber Protocols
Date: Mon, 27 May 2002 14:00:47 -0400

The DotGNU Project hereby officially endorses the Jabber
protocols (as described in the Internet Draft
draft-miller-jabber-00.txt) as a mechanism for routing
information via DotGNU webservice technologies.

This endorsement means that we, the DotGNU Steering Committee,
encourage all DotGNU development projects to implement support
for Jabber protocols to the extent that it makes sense to do
so; this is not meant to discourage the additional
implementation of other protocols.  In particular, in order to
maintain compatibility with other clients, the Hypertext
Transfer Protocol HTTP/1.1 should also be supported.

All existing Jabber technology which is Free Software with
licensing that is compatible with the GNU General Public
License is acceptable for use in DotGNU.  Some examples of
acceptable Free Software licenses are the GNU General Public
License (GNU GPL), the GNU Lesser General Public License
(GNU LGPL), or the ( JOSL || GNU GPL ) disjunctive licensing
used in recent versions of the JOSS Jabber Server.

        Sincerely and Officially,
                The DotGNU Steering Committee

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