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Re: [DotGNU]The DotGNU Project officially endorses the use of the Jabber

From: Adam Theo
Subject: Re: [DotGNU]The DotGNU Project officially endorses the use of the Jabber Protocols
Date: Tue, 28 May 2002 11:40:57 -0400
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Barry Fitzgerald wrote:
> The DotGNU Project hereby officially endorses the Jabber
> protocols (as described in the Internet Draft
> draft-miller-jabber-00.txt) as a mechanism for routing
> information via DotGNU webservice technologies.

/me drops to his knees and gives praise to the great Steering Committee.

> This endorsement means that we, the DotGNU Steering Committee,
> encourage all DotGNU development projects to implement support
> for Jabber protocols to the extent that it makes sense to do
> so; this is not meant to discourage the additional
> implementation of other protocols.  In particular, in order to
> maintain compatibility with other clients, the Hypertext
> Transfer Protocol HTTP/1.1 should also be supported.

Very excellent, precisely what I have been working for. Thank you very,
very much Barry, Norbert, Gopal, and others, for your great support in this.

> All existing Jabber technology which is Free Software with
> licensing that is compatible with the GNU General Public
> License is acceptable for use in DotGNU.  Some examples of
> acceptable Free Software licenses are the GNU General Public
> License (GNU GPL), the GNU Lesser General Public License
> (GNU LGPL), or the ( JOSL || GNU GPL ) disjunctive licensing
> used in recent versions of the JOSS Jabber Server.
>         Sincerely and Officially,
>                 The DotGNU Steering Committee
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