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Re: [DotGNU]Re: Meet-a-thon

From: Peter Minten
Subject: Re: [DotGNU]Re: Meet-a-thon
Date: Sun, 02 Jun 2002 13:21:01 +0200

Gopal V wrote:
> If memory serves me right, Peter Minten wrote:
> > While we are standing at a milestone it maybe a good idea to take a
> > snapshot of the meta-project. Such a snapshot could consist of a
> > document describing in short what progress has been made since the last
> > snapshot (the last meet-a-thon), where the projects are now (what
> > functionality is done) and what is coming up (in the near or distant
> > future).
> We had such an effort last january ... ie a yearly summary of DotGNU ...
> of 2001 .

I remember that one very well, it was one of the first DotGNU mails I
recieved :-).

> > * It would make a good opportunity to help newbies getting into the
> > project.
> I don't see many at the weekly meets :)

Could be pnet looks to complicated for them, and the fact that the meets
usually tackle subjects like intercalls and threading should scare the
newbies off too. Maybe something like an extra #dotgnu-newbies chatroom
would be a solution? The newbies could ask their questions there while
the complicated stuff stays at #dotgnu.
> > * It could be a good chance to inform the world about DotGNU through the
> > press if we handle it correctly (Gopal mentioned this in the
> > preparations for the last meet-a-thon).
> I would've almost failed last time if it were not for Grant Gross
> putting that Newsforge/ article ....
> Put it up on slashdot and let all the l33t h4x0r and snot faced trolls
> read it for what it's worth... And conduct the meet on #dotgnu-private
> as the main channel is jammed with trolls and fork bombers.....

Excuse me, but I don't really see the point in first announcing a
meeting and then moving it to another channel because you don't want the
readers in the meeting. Wouldn't it be better to announce the meeting on
another place than /. where the trolls and flamers don't look and keep
the meeting on #dotgnu? The Newsforge website would be a good place, the
DotGNU website would also be a good place and if realizable (I don't
know the procedures for this) it would be nice to have the meeting in
the news section of GNU website and FreeDevelopers website.
> > * We could catch some industry attention with it.
> Yes, we definitely are in the running now .... there was a time when
> people spoke of DotGNU as one of the also-rans ... It's past now !

We aren't running anymore, we're flying :-). Who are the big players
anyway? Haven't heard of much initiatives besides .NET and DotGNU
(though I remember something about Sun having some kind of own

Has there been any feedback from the industry? I'm curious if they have
any some useful comments.
> > - The snapshot document, I would call it 'the State of the Project'.
> Check the "This Year in DotGNU - 2001" for inspiration....

Good idea, that style would be great for 'the State of the Project'.
> > - A who-is-who-in-DotGNU document.
> dotgnu-sage: <nick> ?

It doesn't really know much people yet, but for the who-is-who list the
data file of dotgnu-sage would be a good place to start. I would say
take dotgnu-sage's file, add some extra people not yet in it, convert it
into a human readable document and place it on the site. Then at the
meet-a-thon try to add as many people as possible to the who-is-who list
and when the meet-a-thon is over spice the who-is-who list back into
> > but it's nice for the newbies to know who to ask what questions to :-).
> That's a good reason...
> Let's prepare to make this meet-a-thon a bit more interesting and
> less of hassle (remember the irclogs issue and all that.....)

Maybe we could have a list of topics needed to be discussed, at the end
of the meet-a-thon summaries could be added per topic to that list.
> Let everyone remember the comments about the "original" meet-a-thon...

Guess I'll have to dive into the archives again, blub, blub, blub.



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