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Re: [DotGNU]Re: Meet-a-thon

From: Barry Fitzgerald
Subject: Re: [DotGNU]Re: Meet-a-thon
Date: Sun, 02 Jun 2002 12:22:54 -0400

I think that this is a wonderful idea.  We should solidify these things
and come up with a manual of procedures for DotGNU.  Just to have one
place to go to find out about community functions, etc... the "who's
who" document could be a great start to just this sort of thing.

Is anyone volunteering to start work on the Who's Who and the "State of
the DotGNU Union" type document?


Peter Minten wrote:
> Hi,
> I've done some more thinking about the meet-a-thon. The meet-a-thons are
> like periodic milestones for DotGNU. They help us see the big picture,
> how DotGNU works on the meta-project level, not just on the project
> level. They make us come out of our own projects and build bridges to
> other projects. In short they help making sure that DotGNU doesn't get
> fragmented into all kinds of little projects that don't really work
> together anymore.
> While we are standing at a milestone it maybe a good idea to take a
> snapshot of the meta-project. Such a snapshot could consist of a
> document describing in short what progress has been made since the last
> snapshot (the last meet-a-thon), where the projects are now (what
> functionality is done) and what is coming up (in the near or distant
> future).
> Beside taking the big picture the meet-a-thon could do other things:
> * It would make a good opportunity to help newbies getting into the
> project.
> * It could be a good chance to inform the world about DotGNU through the
> press if we handle it correctly (Gopal mentioned this in the
> preparations for the last meet-a-thon).
> * We could catch some industry attention with it.
> Most interested press and industry folks won't come to the meet-a-thon
> but may be willing to read a summary of it. The snapshot could be that
> summary.
> For the newbies it would be nice to have a who-is-who document available
> before the meet-a-thon and the draft version of the snapshot so they can
> follow the conversations.
> In short I propose the creation of two documents:
> - The snapshot document, I would call it 'the State of the Project'.
> - A who-is-who-in-DotGNU document. This was planned anyway but due to
> the disappearance of the newsletter it was never really formed. (About
> the newsletter: the new website will incorporate many of the features of
> the newsletter so I'll just wait until the website get's online and then
> modify the newsletter plans to fit into the new picture.)
> It would be nice if the who-is-who document would be ready as a draft
> before the meet-a-thon, during the meet-a-thon it could of course be
> updated, but it's nice for the newbies to know who to ask what questions
> to :-).
> I propose the following structure for the document:
> Name (optional for the nick only folks)
> Nickname
> Function (eg project leader in Pnet or developer in Forum)
> It would also be useful to have at least an impression of the State of
> the Project. Therefore I would like to ask the project leader to send a
> small e-mail with what is done in the previous period and what
> functionality is provided in their project now (or is very likely to be
> in it at the time of the meet-a-thon) to me.
> So folks, what do you think?
> Greetings,
> Peter.
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