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Mono-list (was Re: My Favorite soapbox : XML linkage (was Re: [DotGNU]Ja

From: S11001001
Subject: Mono-list (was Re: My Favorite soapbox : XML linkage (was Re: [DotGNU]Jabber-thon))
Date: Sat, 08 Jun 2002 22:12:00 -0500
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Daniel E Baumann wrote:
Which mailing list is that, and how can I post to it?

That is the main mono discussion list, you can subscribe to it by
going to
However, I am having trouble reaching for some


disclaimer: IMHO

Not exactly the friendliest place for Freedom discussion, though....

A thread with some interesting interpretations of licensing, like "LGPL is for libraries"

A post by me, oddly followed by another of those "this list is for development discussion only" posts, though I only saw a bit of that earlier in the thread...

Stephen Compall
DotGNU `Contributor' --

Richard, you know, you and I are the two guys who didn't make any
money out of this revolution.
        -- Eben Moglen to RMS

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