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[DotGNU]"Wikitexi", ildb (was Re: Developer wishlist)

From: S11001001
Subject: [DotGNU]"Wikitexi", ildb (was Re: Developer wishlist)
Date: Fri, 21 Jun 2002 02:40:42 -0500
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Peter Minten wrote:
* Graphical debuggers for the languages (see footnote 1)
* Graphical widget builder (something like glade)
* Highlighted code (syntax accentuation)
* Easy costumization of the highlighting stuff (like glimmer has) so
that new languages can be highlighted too
* Help system (containing language reference, ecma specs, help on gui,
help on compiler option, etc)

How about documentation? There should be a tool to easily and collaboratively generate Texinfo documentation. (déja vu anyone? ;)

There are alot of notes on what you call the Developer on my old tasklist <>

1) Pnet doesn't have a debugger yet, but a debugger like gdb would

Not true, see pnet/ildb

Stephen Compall
DotGNU `Contributor' --

The GNU GPL is specifically designed to make sure that all
technological innovators, programmers, and software users are given
equal footing. Each high school student, independent contractor, small
business, and large corporation are given an equal chance to
innovate. We all start the race from the same point. Those people with
deep understanding of the software and an ability to make it work well
for others are most likely to succeed, and they do succeed.

That is exactly what the American Way is about, at least the way I
learned it in grade school.
        -- Bradley Kuhn, "The GNU GPL and the American Dream"

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