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[DotGNU]DynDNS over Jabber

From: Seth Johnson
Subject: [DotGNU]DynDNS over Jabber
Date: Tue, 02 Jul 2002 10:47:26 -0400

BTW:  I don't think this is off topic, at all!

Another note:  In the dynamic DNS, what typically happens
when you're off line is either you set the numeric IP to
someone else's server who's volunteered to do this, or it
just returns the standard Not Found error.  The dynamic DNS
provider can also purge your registered name from the
database after so many days, say 30, without an update to
the numeric IP.  All of this is the way it should behave
independently of the presence-based system.



Gopal V wrote:
> Hey Differance ,
>         I've give much thought to this idea that
> popped up on the meet-a-thon ... the dynamic DNS
> schema IMO is just another way of using the IM
> client for a new purpose ...
> Adam : I would like to ask on the possibility of
> a presence based DNS lookup via Jabber ... ie the
> DNS query is resolved via the Jabber client
> logged in at the server ...
> So "gopal.<my_dyndns>.org" will be resolved as
> the IP of the guy jabbering as
> "gopal@<my_dyndns>.org"
> Is that even remotely possible ? (/me thinks so)
> If it is, it opens up a new reason for using
> Jabber to chat :-) ie to keep my dyndns open ..
> IMO this would be an excellent example of a
> webservice which the ordinary web is unfamilar
> with ... (ie true "Network Services")
> Gopal


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