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Re: [DotGNU]Interpreter...

From: Gopal V
Subject: Re: [DotGNU]Interpreter...
Date: Fri, 12 Jul 2002 03:36:28 +0530
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If memory serves me right, Marwan Noor wrote:
> I want to try dotgnu interpreter, so :

Actually it is the DotGNU Portable.Net interpreter
( well Portable.Net is the name of the C# compiler/VM collection
 which is part of DotGNU )

It is a JIT , though not a native/x86 JIT ... but a bytecode JIT.

> 1. How can i compile it? (Which files represent the interpreter)

2 sure fire ways you can get it .

"stable" release point : 

CVS Head off Savannah :

cvs -d:pserver:address@hidden:/cvsroot/dotgnu-pnet login
cvs -z7 -d:pserver:address@hidden:/cvsroot/dotgnu-pnet co treecc
cvs -z7 -d:pserver:address@hidden:/cvsroot/dotgnu-pnet co pnet

and if is functional (it is sometimes down)

CVS Daily Snapshots :

and if Andrew has compiled a .deb recently , you could get it 
(unofficial of course) off his box . mail him for appropriate entries
to sources.list

> 2. Can i do that in Cygwin?

Yes ... Quotd from pnet/HACKING file


- gcc 2.95.3 or later
- GNU make 3.79.1 or later
- Automake 1.4 or later
- Autoconf 2.13 or later
- GNU bison version 1.28 or later
- flex version 2.5.4 or later
- A recent version of the "treecc" package installed
- Cygwin environment (Windows only)

Building CVS HEAD

$ cd /tmp/dotgnu-pnet/treecc/
$ ./ && ./configure && make && cd ..
$ export TREECC = /tmp/dotgnu-pnet/treecc/
$ cd /tmp/dotgnu-pnet/pnet 
$ ./ && ./configure && make && cd ..
$ cd samples && ../engine/ilrun hello.exe
Hello World !

> Thanx alot for your help,

I had been collating all this stuff when your mail came in ...
Usually you might get an "grep "cygwin" sources" mail (HACKING 
file in source CVS) But not tonight ;-) Coincidence or are you 
just plain lucky ? 

The difference between insanity and genius is measured by success

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