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Re: [DotGNU]GNU business 101

From: Eric Altendorf
Subject: Re: [DotGNU]GNU business 101
Date: Tue, 16 Jul 2002 15:01:50 -0700
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On Monday 15 July 2002 05:31, Timothy Rue wrote:
> But there are a few things GNU people need to understand. First is
> that the idea of stocks is not in the picture. There should be
> plenty enough information right now as to why the concept of stock
> is to abstract and as such to manipulatable. ...

This is a minor correction, but I'd like to make the point that it is 
not so much the concept of stock that you are taking issue with, but 
the way stock is traded.  Stock is just a way of sharing ownership of 
something...communal property, if you will (weighted communal 
property, but whatever).  Privately held companies have stock too; 
they just don't trade it nearly so much, and thus are under very 
little pressure to get (or manufacture) "good numbers" to keep the 
share price high.

Second, while I admire your noble intentions and obvious goodwill in 
your discussion of a business model; the first thing I look for in a 
claimed "business model" is a revenue stream, and I didn't find any 
real discussion of that.  If you have some ideas on this front, I 
think we'd all be very interested.



"First they ignore you.  Then they laugh at you.
 Then they fight you.  And then you win."             -Gandhi

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