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Re: [DotGNU]GNU business 101

From: Timothy Rue
Subject: Re: [DotGNU]GNU business 101
Date: 26 Jul 2002 8:22:43 -0500

On 22-Jul-02 23:15:49 Eric Altendorf <address@hidden> wrote:
 EA> On Sunday 21 July 2002 12:22, Timothy Rue wrote:
>> The transfer of abstract value media is not a generation of real
>> value or any assurance of the generation of real value.
>> There are better and more direct real value ways.

 EA> I'm not exactly sure what you're saying here, but I would point
 EA> out  that you're still concentrating on the transfer.  Stock can
 EA> exist and  be useful as merely a representation of partial
 EA> ownership without any  notion of transfer whatsoever...

I do understand this. Many years ago I was in Jr. Acheivement. Still to
this day I do not know who sighed me up, or why they accepted me, being as
I was actually entering colledge and JA is for Highschool Students. You
learn how to start a business, stocks, products, etc.. by actually doing
it as a non-legal project, A learning exercise.

 EA> But whatever.  It's not important.  I was just trying to point
 EA> out  that the problems associated with the trading of stock are
 EA> not really  intrinsic to the notion of stock itself.  I should
 EA> probably shut up  now, as this is definitely off-topic. :-)

There is the Bizplan list which I've tried to move over to. Crossposting
there, in effort to move over.

But perhap I can clairify using programmig concepts. The simple concept
of a constant is like the actual value, the product. Then there is the
variable, something that represents value but changeable. One level up in
abstraction from the concrete constant. Then you can have a pointer to
that variable, and this is further abstraction.

product - money - stock

The more abstract something is, the higher the probability of misuse, the
easier it is to misuse, intentionally or not. Though Higher level
abstraction do help in productivity when not abused or used wrongly to the
same extent. You might say Abstractions don't care how you use them, for
good of bad, they will be as powerful as you have made them to be.

With this in mind, by understanding the level of abstraction that can be
created via DotGNU.......

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Meaning many things are
designed in such a manner to provide genuine and fair benefit, like
unions and improving human working conditions, but the human factor can
and eventually may wrongly use the machinery for reasons of greed. Enron,
Worldcom, etc. AOL/Time Warner is being looked into now (just checking)...
All these together don't even compare to the Trillion Dollar Bet, just a
couple guys card counting with world stocks, so to nickle and dime drain
entire economies, who didn't have any idea or concern of the concete
products of the companies they were using in their card counting game, or
any concern about the countries they were draining:
Problems caused by trillion dollar bet

(BTW, Ted Turner I understand made a statement that 9/11 was an act of
desparation. Then later said he was sorry for saying it. Ted Turner is
known for being a very honest person even honest about the application of
news reporter tricks. On a PBS interview he warned the interviewer to not
pull any such tricks, or the interview would be over. The interview did in
fact end by Ted Turner ending the interview by getting up and leaving when
it happened).

Were these guys held accountable for the damage they did to entire
economies? No! Their card counting formula is still being used, just not
on such a large scale, but that still doesn't make it right and actually
says it's ok to do it again, if only you could get again billion dollar

So while Enron, Worldcom stock holders are out in the cold with their 401k
retirement funds and those responsible either bought or are still having
multi-million dollar homes built and toys owned with they money they got
from their wrong doings... We have a war with a phantom enemy. Terrorist
who we trained in such warfare, supplied with knowledge, training and
visas and then most important, lit a motivating fire under their ass in
draining their ecomomies (even it it was just an excuse, the fact is these
everyday people had no defence against the drain in their ecomonies)
while the protection agencies like NSA,FBI,CIA played stupid intentionally.

All of this out of the wrongful manipulation of "Stock"

It may not be intrinsic of the notion of stock, but apparently greed is
intrinsic of humans when given the opportunity. So just lets not do that
anymore. I do believe that the developement of freesoftware and it's
distribution and use is far closer to concrete then it is the abstract.
And I believe it's part of the intrinsic nature and reason why it's doing
well in growth. It's simply more real and to the point, the product.

Introducing a wide scope business plan (where anyone can participate) for
freesoftware that involves the first level of abstraction of "money", is
why it is very important to have the operation disconnected from any one
persons control, distributed authority in such a manner to have inherent
checks and balances, while the actual mechanics being done by a party that
is trustworthy given their history and goals. FSF....

Timothy Rue
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