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[DotGNU]1 Year Anniversay of Portable.NET and DotGNU

From: Rhys Weatherley
Subject: [DotGNU]1 Year Anniversay of Portable.NET and DotGNU
Date: Wed, 24 Jul 2002 16:32:18 +1000

According to my e-mail archives, this Saturday, July 27 marks
the 1 year anniversary of when the DotGNU Steering Committee
formally invited me to join DotGNU.

And what a year it has been.  Back then, Portable.NET was
at version 0.1.0, and pnetlib and treecc were still at 0.0.1.

I'd just finished rewriting the C# compiler to use treecc
a few weeks before the announcement.

The runtime engine couldn't do anything at all: I didn't start
the CVM system until late August and it wasn't until late October
that it actually saw the light of day.

About the only things that worked were the assembler and
disassembler, together with the ubiquitous ilsize, ilnative,
and ilfind utilities.

Now people are beginning to develop real programs and libraries
for use with DotGNU.  The runtime engine and compiler are very
usable and have most of the core functionality in place.  Pnetlib
remains our biggest challenge, but has come a very long way.

Here are a some line counts, comparing a year ago to now:

                 July 2001  July 2002    Change

       pnet     :   88176     252396     164220
       pnetlib  :   13509     141948     128439
       treecc   :   17983      19243       1260
       cscctest :     n/a       8977       8977
       total    :  119668     422564     302896

We've come a long way together, and hopefully the next year
can be even more successful for DotGNU and Portable.NET.



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